Aella Black

Lock Down

Supernatural Prison Trilogy Book One

Phoebe Atkinson has always felt different, but in the typical angsty way most teenagers do. She had no idea just how different until that fateful day she died—and then came back to life.

It appears that sort of thing is frowned upon, because Phoebe awakens to find herself locked up in Leavenworth, a notorious prison that now holds teens with supernatural abilities.

Behind bars, some are welcoming and others are… not. One group in particular seems determined to make the lives of Phoebe and her new friends as miserable as possible.

Although Phoebe’s life before being imprisoned was far from perfect, she wants it back. And she will… if they don’t find a way to kill her first.

Regardless, she’s no longer going to stand by and be the rule-follower she’s always been.

Look where that got her.




Ever heard that your life flashes before your eyes when you die?

It’s not true.

Not for me, anyway.

All I’ve seen is death. Not life. Never life. 

Case in point:  now.

Strapped to an electric chair, my only thoughts the deadly currents that would soon sizzle my skin and fry my organs—one by failing one. 

I imagined my heart and brain would be the last to go. The latter, ensuring I’d be completely aware of what was happening to my body until the horrific end.

See? No thoughts of the life I’ve lived at all. Only the death I was about to endure.

To end up in this position, you would think I’d murdered someone. Or a lot of someones.  

But you would be wrong. 

I didn’t kill anyone, which meant I didn’t deserve to die like this. 

No one did.

My breaths came out in sharp pants, and the doctor rolled her chair over to me. “There’s no need to panic.”

Was she crazy? I had every reason to panic. “Please don’t do this,” I whispered.

The doctor reached up and lowered the headpiece over my forehead. The metal was cold against my damp skin, causing me to shiver. “I’m begging you,” I said, my voice louder. Shriller.

Ignoring my pleas, she rolled away. Out of the danger zone. “This should be fairly quick.” 

Terror unlike any I’d ever known tore through me. I struggled, twisting and turning, trying to maneuver my way out. Of this headpiece. This chair. This room. This prison. I wanted out

A scream ripped through my throat. “Stop!”

The doctor held up a switchboard. My fate was literally in her hands. 

Shaking all over, for a moment I thought I was already being electrocuted. But then I saw her finger move toward the switch. 

I screamed again. 

I didn’t want to die. Not like this. Not at all.

I had too much to live for.


Maybe my life did flash before my eyes.

“I couldn’t put this story down, so I didn’t – I finished it in one sitting! The story is paced so well, and I was hooked from the very beginning. The characters and unexpected turns kept me invested till the end.


I connected with Phoebe right away. She may be a supernatural with a superpower, but she’s also a three-dimensional young woman who is genuine, relatable, strong, compassionate, and human. I just bought a copy for my teenager daughter so I can have someone to talk to about this book.


Aella Black knocked it out of the park with this one and I can’t wait for the rest of the series. Seriously, I can’t wait!!”

– Catherine (Amazon reviewer)


“This is my introduction to this author and I’m extremely happy I found her. What a read! This story grabbed me and pulled me in from the first page. The characters were wonderful, the story intriguing.”

– Christy (Goodreads reviewer)