Aella Black

Lansing & Leavenworth

In today’s episode of things you won’t ever need to know but now you do…

Leavenworth and Lansing–the two prisons where the supernaturals are locked up–are actual prisons in Kansas. In fact, Leavenworth was the first federal prison in the United States, and it’s the one that looks more like a federal building in DC than a prison. Lansing was actually the inspiration for the book covers, because, well, it’s just scarier looking, right? Both prisons had inmates who were hung to death at one time, though thankfully that time is long gone.

Like in the books, the two prisons aren’t very far apart (only 6 miles!) and, Leavenworth really is located next to the Missouri River. I took liberties with the interior of the prisons, because I’ve never been inside either one. And I have no plans to! 😉

Are there any prisons near where you live? If so, do they look like either of these?

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