Aella Black

Welcome and what’s next!

In case you wandered here by accident–if that’s the case, you’re still welcome!–I’m Aella Black. I write young adult novels that I hope entertain, encourage, and inspire. That doesn’t mean they’re light and fluffy though. We’re all fighting battles, seen and unseen, and the characters I create are no different. How we overcome those challenges, how we react when faced with opposition… these are the things I like to explore.

A few things you might not know about the Supernatural Prison Trilogy….

I wrote it knowing (and hoping!) all ages would read it, so there’s no questionable language or sex in any of the books. While in normal high school scenarios that might not be realistic, these poor kids are not in a normal situation so I think it works. Also, you may notice there are no cell phones. While writing three books exclusively in a prison setting was a serious challenge, I enjoyed it for this reason. No cell phones and no social media… can you imagine?

What am I working on next?

I’m so glad you asked! 😉 Because I need a little breather from the heavy, my next book will be a stand-alone realistic fiction (YA, of course). It’s set in a fictional town Texas, which is where I currently live (write what you know, right?), and this story will take place in a high school setting. The tentative title is “Challenge or Concede,” but that could change by the time the book is finished. We’ll see what the story says…

After that?

I’ve planned (and started) to write a duology, this one with football players, cheerleaders, and…. victims of trafficking? Yup, I’m going there. Still deciding whether to add a supernatural element to the story (angels, specifically), and I’d love to hear your opinion. Comment below and let me know if that sounds like something you’d like.

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